Dear fellow hop heads, 

Here’s some more bummer news to add to a bummer year. We hope this will be it for a while...

As you know, we cancelled Beer Merica 2020, and made your tickets good for the bigger, badder (and slightly pricier!) Orlando Beer Festival. It saddens us to no end to announce that our flagship event, Orlando Beer Festival, will not be happening this year. We hope the recently announced “reopening” of Florida is different than the last attempt in June, but Orlando Beer Festival takes way too many people, energy and resources to try and throw it together, only to have to shut it back down. 

Another reason: many of our local breweries have been devastated. Many have spent the better part of six months closed by order of the state and unable to brew because they can’t sell enough beer to make it worthwhile. Many have been unable to keep their staffs working and have been barely holding on to their businesses, which we at Orlando Weekly covered here. So right now is not the time to ask them to staff up, brew up, and come serve us tons of beer at the region’s largest beer festival. In fact, if you are comfortable gathering, they need you in the breweries spending money. Give back to the brewers that add so much to our local flavor and make Orlando Beer Festival possible. Let’s help them get healthy and strong again, so that in 2021, we can have the MOST AMAZING ORLANDO BEER FESTIVAL EVER!

If you are in the position to do so, we ask that you consider donating your ticket, rather than taking a refund. When you do this, we will donate the majority of those funds to the Central Florida Brewers Guild so that they may better support local breweries. All you need to do is click the YES button on this page

If you would prefer a refund, you can select that option instead. Please make your selection prior to October 31, 2020. Any unclaimed orders will be automatically donated after this date. 

We appreciate your support, we hope you are staying safe, and we are all hoping for some sort of return to normalcy in 2021. 


Graham Jarrett
Publisher, Orlando Weekly
Founder, Orlando Beer Festival